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Pretty busy

2009-07-22 00:31:55 by Spiff

I've been practicing a lot of my Photoshop skills lately, as well as playing several hours of Counter-Strike a day. I'll probably be more active soon, shooting for 1,500 posts and level 10! See you guys more and more soon.

No sigs for now

2009-07-10 16:28:07 by Spiff

I'll be taking requests for sigs in the NGSM, but I've been swamped by PMs and I can't keep up, so, thanks, but no more PMs please. Unless you're special :)


2009-07-08 13:48:34 by Spiff

I've made a lot lately. You can post requests here if you like :D Of course, make sure you tell me what you want. Half the PMs I get just say "I'd like a sig" with nothing for me to work with except their username.

I don't know

2009-07-05 22:32:06 by Spiff

But I think I should post another news post.

New game

2009-03-09 20:50:43 by Spiff

This game will not fail hard, like Pong did. The idea is original, the sound FX are solid, the gameplay seems unique to me, and I'm currently beta testing it with various NG users, and plan on releasing it by Wednesday.

Pong game

2009-03-06 22:16:23 by Spiff

Not been doing much in Flash lately, I'm currently programming a customizable Pong game with difficulties and a simple debug menu.

Working on it.

2008-10-13 18:46:06 by Spiff

I'll try to release some new games soon. I haven't had any good ideas lately. I might also work on an animation, so we will see how that goes. I can't wait to release another game. I just have to think of an idea, then make graphics, then code it.


2008-10-02 20:20:17 by Spiff

I'm very happy about it too.

Granfaloon has agreed to collab with me on a game as soon as he gets his computer. I offered to send him one, and we are working it out right now. Be sure to look for it sometime within the next few weeks. In the meantime, I've got a few more projects of my own I'd like to fulfill.


All systems go.

2008-09-29 20:20:26 by Spiff

I have everything I need to complete Mario Shroom Catcher, and you can expect the game release in a few days. I just have to create a game timer to end the game and fix a few hitTest glitches.

Mario Shroom Catcher

2008-09-24 22:09:40 by Spiff

I'm making the release date for this game August 1st. It will only be a simple game, so you may enjoy it, you may not. Due to assistance from Xeptic I now have access to the source code for Dodge Stuff, and will be rewriting a lot of this code for Shroom Catcher. I'm looking forward to the game's release and I hope other people do too.