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2009-07-08 13:48:34 by Spiff

I've made a lot lately. You can post requests here if you like :D Of course, make sure you tell me what you want. Half the PMs I get just say "I'd like a sig" with nothing for me to work with except their username.


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2009-07-08 13:58:51

could i have a sig that says "I fuck dragons" please

Spiff responds:

is this for the sig trend?


2009-07-08 15:38:46

yes it is. :p

Spiff responds:

I probably could, but since I wasn't around when they started i wouldn't know where to start.


2009-07-08 17:35:41

heres the thread about the trend. 017972


2009-07-08 18:40:46

I will Kindly make a signature like that for you...

Spiff responds:

Thanks, don't like contributing to trends.


2009-07-08 18:42:01

I was the second one to have a signature like that... I came up with the idea on my own, And when I saw that other guys I was like "DAMN Beat me to it!"


2009-07-08 22:22:10

Don't let people start parodying my siggy. I've had people ask me about my sig. I'd like to keep it that way.

I think one that says "Blakemo and CryogenChaos for tag-team mods" would be amazing. :D We're pretty tight. Just make it a decent background with a good font (readable obviously). If you did this for me, I would be pleased as punch.